DPS Software Systems, Inc. was originally founded in 1985 by Dave Scheidler, an individual who has been active in the transportation industry for 25 years. For most of that time he served as the Administrative Vice President of a major California LTL carrier. With this expertise, Dave Scheidler set out to develop the most complete and efficient trucking management system on the market. alphaTRUCK was initially developed in early 1980 and was originally developed for an intra-state LTL carrier. The original iteration of alphaTRUCK has evolved to a complete Transportation Management Solution. With the addition of the alphaIMAGE IDM document management system and alphaPORTAL web services, DPS has continued to extend the value of alphaTRUCK. DPS has evolved into a technology partner providing a complete set of solutions and services designed to meet the challenges of the Transportation industry.