alphaIMAGE IDM is an Integrated Document Management system designed for the specific needs of the Transportation industry. IDM, our latest offering, represents the evolution of alphaIMAGE from an integrated Imaging Solution to a full featured Document Management System encompassing Imaging, EDM (Electronic Document Management), and WEB Content management.

A major focus in this release has been placed on extending the Web functionality and enhancing third-party integration to position alphaIMAGE IDM as a stand-alone solution suitable for deployment with e-business and third-party Line-of-Business applications.


  • Improved Operations and Cash Flow – by improving processing times and accuracy of billings and supporting information, alphaIMAGE has a direct impact to your bottom line and cash flow. Through these improved processes and automation, your company will realize a rapid return on your investment.

  • Data Protection - vital information being stored in its repository is secure from corruption and/or loss.

  • Openness - IDMDS provides excellent interoperability and flexibility in the choice of hardware, operating systems, communications standards and third-party software.

  • Storage Management - Allows you take advantage of cost-effective storage technology; information can be archived and yet accessible when needed.

  • Security - All users on an alphaIMAGE IDM system are authenticated prior to accessing IDMDS services and all access authorization is handled in a secure server environment, not at the less-secure desktop.

  • Scalability - Suitable for a range of applications, alphaIMAGE idm accommodates growth by allowing administrators to add more hardware (and hence, more users) without having to change the system software, the application, or the initial hardware.

  • Flexibility - IDM Document Services offer configuration and runtime options that solve a variety of enterprise-wide document management problems, without requiring expensive, and time-consuming custom programming.