Web Services
The concept of alphaPORTAL is to provide a secure web based portal that will allow carrier shippers and partners (agents, Interline Carriers) to access personalized information and content based on their account or id. In order to address the varying needs and cost considerations for potential carriers, alphaPORTAL will be available in three tiers (levels) with each higher level providing additional set of features compared to its previous level. For example Level 2 will provide all Level 1 features plus additional features specific to level 2.
Core Features:
  • Simple Tracking – by Pro Number with access to basic shipment status.
  • Tracking by type of customer (Shipper, Debtor, Consignee) Shipment Charges (Shipper, Debtor) View POD (Delivered Shipment Integration).
  • Rate Quotes

Advanced Features Level:

  • Tracking by type of customer (Shipper, Debtor, Consignee) Shipment Status, Charges (Shipper, Debtor) View POD (Delivered Shipment – Imaging Integration).
  • Rate Quotes – Save, Recall, Convert to Pick Up Request
  • Account Profile, Report Generation – Service Reports, Sales History Manifests
  • Schedule Pick Up Request, Pickup Request, Create Bill of Lading/Label (Create, View, Save, Print)

Partner Module Features:

  • Load Availability
  • Agent Account Status
  • Payment Calculations, Status
  • Load Status View, Update
  • Document Upload to Ascent Capture – XML Import (Optional)